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TMGA General E-mail Mailbox, General Inquiries
Jeff Gatling, Owner/CEO
Ruchita Patel, Vice President/Chief Operating Officer
Pool Pass Inquiries, Pool Pass Questions and Assistance


Tom Van Pelt, District Manager
Craig Chung, Property Manager
Micheline Clement, TMG Maintenance Coordinator
Stephon Collins, Property Manager
Eric Cooper, Property Manager
Alex Deering, Property Manager
Guisela Deering, Property Manager
Michelle Etheridge, Property Manager
Nyoka Foster, Greencastle Lakes On Site Manager
Todd Hassett, Property Manager
Steve Leskowitz, Property Manager
Marta Paredes, Farmingdale On Site Manager
Ravi Parkhie, Property Manager
Alan Siefert, Property Manager
Elaine JonesManchester Farm On Site Manager


Kathy Drury, Director of Client Relations
Karelyn Donahue, Administration Department Manager
Keenan Anderson, Administrative Assistant
Marylou Bono, Executive Assistant
Dayna Callow, Administrative Assistant
Melissa Carroll, Executive Assistant
Stacey Hammonds, Customer Service Specialist/Receptionist
Sherie Johnson, Customer Service Specialist/Receptionist
Stephanie Johnson, Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Rozier, Executive Assistant
Lynne  Singer, Executive Assistant
Cathy Small, Administrative Assistant
Judy Soldano, Administrative Assistant
Sheela Sullivan
, Executive Assistant


Elaine Ziemke, CFO
Elena Cetean, Controller
Ronna Field, Senior Accountant
Norma Medina, Accounts Payable
Monique Swearinger, Accounts Receivable
Nicole Swearinger, Accounts Receivable
Patty O'Neill, Collections
Zoila Perez, Senior Accountant
Mindy Tong, Staff Accountant
Gayani Vitha, Collections Assistant
Jing Weng, Staff Accountant


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